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    nu goed, het is te mooi om niet bloot te citeren uit die WickedPedia:
    “In November 2002,[30] German customs officers at the Swiss-German[30] border performed a routine search of Johnson’s car.[30] Bank statements evidencing US$8 billion in transactions were found in the trunk of his car.[30][31][32] He was accompanied in his black Mercedes-Benz[31] by three men: an investment adviser,[31] a personal assistant,[31] and a third of unknown identity.[31] Initially it was thought Johnson was involved in money-laundering,[32] but he was cleared of wrongdoing.[33] Upon receiving word of the incident, German tabloids began exploiting and perpetuating the story, at times pointing at the irony (as perceived by them) that Don Johnson has frequently portrayed police officers in his acting works. Johnson explained the incident by saying “I was meeting with some American businessmen in Zurich for financing,[32] for a film fund that I was putting together for my company. They gave me some bank statements and some resumes and some other documents, some things to prove that they could perform as investors.”[citation needed] The police found and copied these documents, and the money laundering story grew somehow out of this.[34]”