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Is dit nou porno voor de linksche mensch?

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altijd lastig
een regenboognatie

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“Like A Land Grab” – The communities of Meerhof, Schoemansville, Kosmos which surround the Hartbeespoort dam’s shoreline are facing land- and water-access rights problems due to the “Harties Dam Remediation programme’ ..the so-called Harties Metsi A Me — which can only be described as a land grab…

Monday 19 October 2009 By Dolf Dreyer

“It’s a land grab, that’s the only way one can describe it!” Speaking to MadibengPulse is Mr. Jack Seale, left, who with his wife Heather own the Hartbeespoort Snake and Animal Park which is located on the only property, he says, “which has commercial rights along the shores of the Hartbeespoort Dam”…

Speaking out on behalf of property owners in Meerhof, Schoemansville and Kosmos who have riparian rights dating from 1922 to 1937 firmly entrenched in the title deeds of their properties, Jack Seale is objecting to the intentions evident from the discussions during the process which would disown or devalue the rights individual properties have in these suburbs. Read article: http://www.madibengpulse.co.za/?Task=system&CategoryID=29032&HeadingText=Property+191009+jack+seale#dwaf

“There is also an evident intention of granting rights to instances, such as the developments around the Hartbeespoort Dam to people who had no prior rights, and it is for that reason that Jack Seale calls the process a “land grab,” writes Dreyer.

The developments, very recently in terms of the long history of Hartbeespoort Dam, converted from agricultural to residential zoning and there were no access rights attached to the farms which went into making up these developments. Such riparian rights as they had, allowed them to water their cattle and not wholesale access to hundreds of properties for leisure purposes.

“Why would unlimited access for the residents of recent developments who front on the water be a problem, since they have properties on the foreshore anyway?” asks Seale – who says that spurious claims for these, as well as the intention to limit access to the Dam on a planned basis, had been made at the meetings of the Dam Remediation programme. This would mean that properties which had no prior rights would infringe on the rights of those who have held rights for at least 70 years. http://www.engineeringnews.co.za/article/dwaf-continues-to-develop-hartebeespoort-dam-resource-management-plan-2008-03-28

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