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    Google translate (voor wat het waard is):

    Lousy our people. Sinister – just passion.
    He would be the other way around – not as he wants power.
    People cheat much, just that – gets angry.
    Yes, he is such a we – the people of the country of Russia!

    In order not to lose their jobs, we have the people of the country
    Falsify ready without feeling guilty.
    Lousy our people, treacherous as gastritis.
    He lied to us on television, he creates chaos.

    All the money that gives them power, puts it in his pocket people.
    They then had a good walk and ride to the resort.
    At the same time people think that all it should.
    And by the way, and is waiting to move out of the country.

    People bought a house in Europe, started a secret account.
    He was always guided by greed – so our people.
    All that has gained power and brought into the treasury,
    People trying to steal and to destroy the country.

    Tailors people in a new way and the orders of the case:
    He spread his nepotism and cronyism, censorship, the cult of the dough.
    But this time, but this year, without feeling guilty,
    Quite gone too far, our people in the elections of the country.

    He money, sparing no effort, threw all the edges.
    He decided to disrupt the elections – Fall-si-fi-chi-ru-me!
    Both the president and deputy are opened his mouth:
    The words of this song found on the site gl5.ru
    Decided to fake the result of our crafty people!

    He did stuff the internet! Published misinformation!
    Absolutely no decency in those down there!
    People mastered photoshop, done fotozhab – officials
    Decent although used to slander.

    People played the movie, filmed on hromakey –
    As if the election s ** t but, although they – okay!
    He filmed videos. He has long unknown to shame.
    He did an urn at home, to throw the sheets.

    People make up room under the balcony area schools.
    Commission dressed and he squatted on the scoresheet.
    People put themselves cop and was with him rude.
    And then these videos posted on “YouTube”.

    (As an observer, he was, in a diary written report.
    This here is a liar and a windbag in the country we have people!
    People merged bit by bit – the content where there is no truth.
    And it turned out to be full of Russian Internet.

    Which sites are neither open, nor anyone show – fake
    A swarm of facts and lies pounds!
    In a remote province in Moscow people decided:
    It’s time to discredit teve – the essence of good.)

    The journalists of other countries trying to cause anger,
    behaved like a saboteur people of the country of Russia.
    He obviously had one goal, trying to get into it:
    defame their country, their home government.

    He soiled himself in the dust, hit the dirt face – say,
    say, the elections were fair with govnetsom.
    The people on the street is, drawing on the wall.
    What vengeful people live in our country!

    People, even more so crap! You’re mired in slander!
    What in the world can be more honest than our elections?
    Do not like it? So do not go! Need not hurt you!
    Sit upset leaders, warranty kindness.

    Worked hump but everywhere the cry “Down”.
    Got them bad people – ungrateful, wicked.
    The people, by golly, e-my, you ohrenel twice!
    You can not impose his opinion the country!

    It is impossible so to put pressure on the authorities, where so much evil?
    You can without chasm left without loot!
    People! Your post tells you to be the flag of purity!
    Do not touch the ruling elites, you take care of them!

    Do not be angry, and be all the time for, uymi his zeal and anger.
    But you at least ssy in the eye, the people of the country of Russia!
    We learned yesterday – we have bad people.
    Resign him go, so he will not go away.

    So firmly holds people for all their places,
    That do not voluntarily leave his post.
    He is selfish and madcap, he wants to live forever.
    Lousy our people, what can I say.