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    In this Hobbesian state, all sorts of individuals have become stakeholders in the political economy of piracy. In exchange for a share in the eventual ransoms, wealthy Somali businessmen finance the purchase and outfit of mother ships and skiffs as well as the recruitment and arming of their crews. […] Other profiteers to target include the regional Puntland government and al-Shabab, the al Qaeda-linked Islamist militant group that was formally designated a “foreign terrorist organization” last year by the U.S. State Department. That’s an opportunity for a crackdown: A case could be made that the payment or handling of ransom is prohibited under international treaties (such as the U.N. Convention Against Corruption), U.S. domestic legislation (such as the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act), or other laws covering the finance and material support of terrorism.

    Yeah right. Alsof die daarnaar luisteren. Dat de wetteloosheid of gebrek aan structuur binnen Somalie het echte probleem is, is wel duidelijk. Maar hoe los je dat dan op?