Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol

Saddam zegt: Ik had het zelf nietbeter kunnen doen met die gevangenen
Verdomd, de oude schoft logt gewoon door vanuit het gevang.


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#1 mark

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#2 jamie

Thank you Mark,
Somebody sees the obvious difference between humiliation and mutilation! Those poor prisoners. At least they weren’t swinging from a bridge and burned alive.

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#3 mark

ehm, jamie. This seems pretty darn much like mutilation by your(?) nation (in the station):

Furthermore, did you see the second cartoon? Just as for the misplaced reactions in the Arab streets, I also see no place for fingerpointing by Americans in order to try to minimize the Abu Graib situation.

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#4 Grobbo

There is a difference between humiliation and mutilation of course, but torture is torture, and if you are saying that the death of four mercenaries is a reason – in retrospect – to torture POW’s then I think that is bullshit.

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