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    2. Beware the Government that Rules By Fear
    A government that uses fear as a tool to cling to power is an enemy to its own people. It will use fear to undermine the rights of the people and to aggrandize its power over them. It will promise to protect, and will claim that it will take rights and offer security in exchange. But this is a fool’s bargain. A people who will surrender their essential liberties for an illusory measure of security are not worthy of being free.

    Erg on topic (s) gezien de laatste druk bezochte berichten.

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    @Lethe: Inderdaad! De tekst is recht in de roos.

    De vraag “wie moet er bang zijn voor wie?” moet in Nederland gesteld worden. Ik vrees echter dat, in lijn met de column, het antwoord zal luiden dat de burger de overheid moet gaan vrezen.