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    Het word geloof ik tijd dat ik maar naar hoger gelegen gebieden verkas, Duitsland of Frankrijk?
    Want hier in Nederland doen ze alsof het niet gebeurt, zo van als je er niet over praat dan bestaat het niet.

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    En verder nog hier uit een Greenpeace stuk het volgende:

    Central Asia

    From the 1950s to the 1980s, 73% of glaciers were retreating, 15% were advancing and 12% were stable.

    New Zealand

    Most glaciers have retreated during the 20th century. The Tasman Glacier has thinned by more than 100m. Since 1983, the recession of western glaciers has reversed and these glaciers are growing (e.g. the Franz Josef glacier).

    en ook:


    For the Alps as a whole, the glacial area since about 1850 has been reduced by 30-40 percent, with about a 50 percent reduction in ice volume. However, this has been counterbalanced by the recent growth of some larger glaciers in the Alps such as the Grosse Aletsch in Switzerland and many Scandinavian glaciers, resulting in a small net increase in glacial ice over the last 30 years.