EU for president of the world!

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All these groundbreaking proposals by the EU on agricultural reform make me feel so goddamn proud to be European. The genuine efforts to liberate third world countries from their poverty give the EU enough moral superiority to invade, bomb or nuke any country that we feel is threatening the freedom that the EU will be spreading all over the world. Now we could do with a proper slogan, anyone using ‘Liberty and justice for all’ at the moment?

“Poorer countries need support to meet international production standards. They need a steep cut in trade-distorting farm subsidies in rich countries and better access to agricultural markets. In Short, they need a special deal in the WTO, they need trade AND aid. That is precisely what the EU is proposing”
Franz Fischler, EU Commissioner for Agriculture, Rural Development and Fisheries.


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#1 Carlos

Exactly, we europeans have den totalen intellectual and moral superiority!

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#2 De Vink

Zie Trouw van 12/5/04 pagina 6.
“Oude EU-wijn in nieuwe zakken”
Analyse door Hans Koch valt hier en daar wat op af te dingen maar maakt prima duidelijk dat we nog ver weg staan van “proud to be …….”

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#3 mark

Juist Vink, wij superieure Europeanen zijn ook nog eens in staat tot reflectie en zelfkritiek, prachtig geillustreerd!

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