De Gasman

‘Hi there, can I speak to mr , errr… Bijan Namdar Zanganeh?’
‘O hello. This is Dave, from Halliburton

***gemompel op de achtergrond***
[color=#FF0000]’What do you want?'[/color]
‘Nothing specific, sir, I just wanted to wish you a happy Ied Al-Adha today’.
[color=#FF0000]’You wish me my WHAT? But you are American, are you not good in head? We are rogue and tyranny too!'[/color]
‘I’m perfectly fine, thankyou, Bijan. Now let’s get down to business. Have you seen some of my fellow countrymen snooping around your wonderful country, Bijan? And did you not think we wanted to know everything about your nuclear program, Mister Bijan?’
[color=#FF0000]’Yesyes, I’m aware of that, and I can tell you that if we catch one of your spies, we will cut his…”[/color]
‘Now now, Mister Bijan, calm down. You need to know, that those people you call spies, are in fact hard-working businessman, trying to locate good and decent places to build MacDonald restaurants, for the very near future’.
[color=#FF0000]’You crazy American you Dave Devil you! Why would we want to allow you, to put Satan Meat into our beautiful country?'[/color]
‘Ok, Mister Bijan, you win. O man, you are an ace negotiator, a man with balls, I can tell. It’s a deal: no BigMacs. Can I get 310 million dollars worth of your gas?’
[color=#FF0000]’No problemo, Dave’.[/color]

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    Indertijd in de koude oorlog kocht men ook groot gas in van de Soviet Unie. En de USSR kocht groot graan in bij het kapitalistische Amerika.