Facebook heeft al een moslimregister

Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol

Facebook stands alone in the breadth and depth of personal data it collects.

Dat waar Trump voor pleit, heeft Facebook feitelijk al: een moslimregister. Met de ervaring van het Jodenregister van de Nazi’s in het achterhoofd, pleit Ars Technica voor het verwijderen van deze data:

Deleting the information will not make Facebook safe. It will still be a treasure trove of relationships and associations, and an intelligence agency could make all manner of inferences from the data contained within. (Religion, for instance, is likely to be discernible from the content of posts and from images of holidays and religious gatherings, but this would be more difficult to do in bulk—though we know similar inferences are already made about race.) But it would mean that Facebook is no longer so trivially searchable, and it would mean that it ceases to be such a clear database of religious affiliation.

Making a change like this should be trivial for Facebook. No doubt it would marginally reduce the company’s ability to tailor advertisements to individual users—but it would serve as a clear statement against the threat such a database poses.

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