Urban Donation Motivating Robot

Hier weer een bijdrage die we overnemen van Osocio. Deze site volgt wereldwijd “social adverting and non-profit campaignes”.

New technology mostly come from Asia. Just like this robot street collector from South Korea. The name is DONA, the “Urban Donation Motivating Robot” which has been in development since August 2009 by a team led by Min Su Kim at Hongik University.
DONA is the robot that interactively solicits donations from passers-by. The robot roams around in a public outdoor space and solicits donations from passers-by by engaging them through pet-like inter-action.
In this video the robot is doing work for Save the Children, funding for children’s education in Cote d’Ivoire.

More at thisisminsu.com, Rachel Beer and UK Fundraising.

Original post at Osocio.

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    @2: Waarschijnlijk meer dan ie ooit aan donaties op zal brengen. Hoe reageert zo’n robot trouwens als iemand de pot meeneemt?