There are, to be frank, not many spaceports on the planet as of 2011. Of the thirty or so only six of them have sent people in to space. Four of those are located in the US, another in China and the sixth and oldest is to be found in Kazakhstan.

It is known as the Baikonur Cosmodrome and as well as being the oldest it is also the largest spaceport in the world. It has quite a remarkable history. Still in operation, it has seen huge political change in its time and is set to function as a space port until at least 2050.

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    Jammer dat het je niet aan The Right Stuff doet denken. Dat is tenminste een film die er meer to doet dan dat geromantiseerde american dream-flutverhaaltje. Het is overigens gebaseerd op een ook erg goed boek.
    The Right Stuff is trouwens ook in het wild te verkrijgen.