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    Well yes well, oke here you go.

    Pff, it was when I came from a musical festival in Sopot where I became a prize-winner. In Soviet times for a young singer to appear on TV screen one had to be a prize-winner or to be honored by the State. One of the songs I sang there was written by a composer Ostrovsky and he liked my performance. After I returned from Sopot he said: “I know you like classical music, especially Cavatina Figaro, I will write a song for you. A song with a following plot: John on a mustang is riding across a prairie to his love Mary who is waiting for him and knitting him a woolen sock.”

    So there you go.


    But really..I don’t understand a fricking thing why this guy (Carlos) keeps on associating me with Hitler!

    What’s up dude? Obsessed or something or what?

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    Ik vind deze kunstschennis van bijna dezelfde orde van impact als de mutilatie van Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue.
    Ik mag hopen dat het origineel snel hersteld zal worden.