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    ah! belcanto van de neus! heel mooi.. deze ook trouwens:


    They have killed my mother
    at the door of my room
    She died and saved me.
    Later, at dead of night,
    I was with Bersi,
    when suddenly
    a bright glow flickers
    and lights were ahead of me
    the dark street!
    I looked –
    My childhood home was on fire!
    I was alone!
    surrounded by nothingness!
    Hunger and misery
    deprivation, danger!
    I fell ill,
    and Bersi, so good and pure
    made a market of her beauty
    for my sake –
    I bring misfortune to all who care for me!
    It was then, in my grief,
    that love came to me.
    A voice full of harmony says,
    “You must live, I am life itself!
    Your heaven is in my eyes!
    You are not alone.
    I shall collect all your tears
    I will walk with you and support you!
    Smile and hope! I am Love!
    Are you surrounded by blood and mire?
    I am Divine! I am Oblivion!
    I am the God who saves the Word
    I descend from Heaven and make this Earth
    A paradise! Ah!
    I am love, love, love.”
    And the angel approaches with a kiss,
    and in that kiss is death –
    The dying body is my body.
    So take it.
    I have already died like that!

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    het is gewoon een daglsuiting die even niet-gebonden is aan andere landen. Crachàt en Carlos zijn maw woorden gewoon thuis.
    Overigens is het discutabel of Django en Chet zo tevreden zouden zijn met zangeres te zijn.

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    ik zat even niet op te letten, Crachat, het was al laat en ik ben een redelijk New Kid On The Block hier…

    suggestie voor de dagsluiting: Eva Marie Cassidy