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    Ik vind het ook wel herkenbaar eigenlijk. Alles goed en wel, maar het leven in the fast lane heeft iets heel unsatisfying. We zouden eens kunnen kijken of (sport)vissen oid al wint aan populariteit.

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    Ik zie het al. Hoog tijd om het cultuurpsychisch perspectief weer eens van stal te halen. (Geert Hofstede)

    Landscores van het rijtje PDI IDV MAS UAI LTO*

    Japan…….. 54 46 95 92 80
    Netherlands 38 80 14 53 44

    Uit het bericht haal ik reducering van MAS en UAI. Laat dat nu eens 20 punten zijn in totaal. Heel interessant om te weten waar die erbij komen. Als Nederlanders zeggen we natuurlijk: bij IDV. Dat is maar de vraag.

    PDI Power Distance Index (PDI) is the extent to which the less powerful members of organizations and institutions (like the family) accept and expect that power is distributed unequally.

    IDV On the individualist side we find societies in which the ties between individuals are loose: everyone is expected to look after him/herself and his/her immediate family. On the collectivist side, we find societies in which people from birth onwards are integrated into strong, cohesive in-groups, often extended families (with uncles, aunts and grandparents) which continue protecting them in exchange for unquestioning loyalty.

    MAS Masculinity (MAS) versus its opposite, femininity

    UAI Uncertainty avoiding cultures try to minimize the possibility of new situations by strict laws and rules, safety and security measures, and on the philosophical and religious level by a belief in absolute Truth; ‘there can only be one Truth and we have it’. People in uncertainty avoiding countries are also more emotional, and motivated by inner nervous energy. The opposite type, uncertainty accepting cultures, are more tolerant of opinions different from what they are used to; they try to have as few rules as possible, and on the philosophical and religious level they are relativist and allow many currents to flow side by side.

    LTO Long-Term Orientation (LTO) versus short-term orientation: this fifth dimension was found in a study among students in 23 countries around the world, using a questionnaire designed by Chinese scholars. It can be said to deal with Virtue regardless of Truth. Values associated with Long Term Orientation are thrift and perseverance; values associated with Short Term Orientation are respect for tradition, fulfilling social obligations, and protecting one’s ‘face’.

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    Als hun keus voor die Japanners zelf betekent: “I fully accept the negative consequences.” dan verdeel ik 2 x 10 punten over PDI en LTO.