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    Het goede aan The Sun vind ik dat ze de discussie altijd rationeel voeren, en nooit goedkoop inspelen op angstsentimenten:

    SUN SAYS We urge our readers to beLEAVE in Britain and vote to quit the EU on June 23

    THIS is our last chance to remove ourselves from the undemocratic Brussels machine … and it’s time to take it

    WE are about to make the biggest ­political decision of our lives. The Sun urges everyone to vote LEAVE.

    We must set ourselves free from dictatorial Brussels.

    Throughout our 43-year membership of the European Union it has proved increasingly greedy, wasteful, bullying and breathtakingly incompetent in a crisis.

    Next Thursday, at the ballot box, we can correct this huge and ­historic mistake.

    It is our last chance. Because, be in no doubt, our future looks far bleaker if we stay in.

    Outside the EU we can become richer, safer and free at long last to forge our own destiny — as America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other great democracies already do. And as we were the first to do centuries ago.

    If we stay, Britain will be engulfed in a few short years by this relentlessly expanding ­German dominated federal state.


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    @3: Bovendien een beroep op traditie. Dat er al “4000 jaar” iets op een bepaalde manier wordt gedaan wil niet zeggen dat we dat nu nog moeten doen. Het is een joekel van een dorgreden

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