South Atlantic Cyclone ?!

Foto: Sargasso achtergrond wereldbol

AccuWeather.comclick for bigger mapCyclones in the South Atlantic are very rare.

At this moment there is one heading for the coast of Brazil.

I’m wondering if photoblogger eMarquetti living in the coastal city of Itajai has his camera ready?


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#1 bicat

Are you?

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#2 emarquetti

Man! It´s realy was near here, but the ‘eye’of cyclone passed far 200 km of Itajaí, here we haven´t problems, just rain and hard wind. But more south we have big problems, 20.000 houses affecteds, 5m of waves, some fishing boats and fishmen was lost.
If this Cyclone, comes in my direction, I have serious problem, because I leave near the sea (150m of beach) and the houses here, is not prepareted to this.

So, I have no photos about this fact, and I´m thankfull!

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#3 Carlos

Thank you for your reaction! The cyclone was on the TV news this morning in Holland. I saw a lot of damage, however it’s good to hear it wasn’t in Itajai.

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#4 emarquetti

I found a link with some photos of the furry of Catarina Hurricane.. the link is there in my pblog.

Soon, I hope to get more.

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